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Our cows are on a high forage diet and are fed no grain to ensure a higher quality, more nourishing and better tasting food.
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Miller Farm chicken tractors moved daily to fresh grass.

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  Miller’s Organic Farm
Product Ingredients

*Please specify on your order "No Substitutes" if you don't want the farm to replace an "out of stock" item with a similar "in stock" item. Prices subject to change without notice. When placing an order, it is your responsibility to specify exactly what you want for example: salted or unsalted cheese, frozen or unfrozen meats, washed or unwashed & unrefrigerated eggs, so please be aware of such options. We are not liable for any unclear orders but will use our best judgment.  Thank you kindly for your support, and we look forward to providing you with healthy food!

Milk - $4.50/hf gal, ($8.00/gal co-ops only)
Milk in glass bottle - $7.00/hf gal w/ handle,
$11.00/gal no handle – co-ops only
Cream, heavy in glass bottle - $8.50/pt, $14.50/qt,
$28.50/half gal
Cream, heavy - $7.50/pt, $13.50/qt, $26.50/3 ½ lb,
Cream, light in glass bottle - $7.50/pt, $13.00/qt,
$24.00/half gal
Cream, light - $6.50/pt, $12.00/qt, $20.00/hf gal
Sour Cream - $8.00/pt, $14.50/qt
Crème fraiche - $8.00/pt, $14.50/qt
Buttermilk - $2.00/quart
Buttermilk, cultured - $2.50/quart
Colostrum, first - $10.50/pt, $19.50/qt
Colostrum, regular - $4.00/pt, $7.50/qt
Whey - $2.00/qt, $2.75/hf gal
Mild kefir - $3.00/pt, $5.50/qt
Regular kefir (mixed mild-strong) - $3.00/pt,
Strong kefir - $3.00/pt, $5.50/qt
Kefir grains – strong $2.50/tsp, mild $4.50/tsp
Yogurt - $2.50/pt, $4.50/qt
Greek Style Cow Yogurt (plain, maple) - $5.00/pt,
Cottage cheese – w/o cream $4.00/pt, w/ cream
Cottage Cheese in glass bottle – w/o cream
$5.50/pt, w/ cream $6.00/pt
Cream Cheese – $5.00/8oz, $9.00/lb
Cheese Spread - $5.00/8oz, $8.50/lb
Eggnog - $6.50/qt
Butter, unsalted - $7.75/8oz, $12.50/lb
Butter, salted - $8.00/8oz, $13.00/lb
Butter, cultured, unsalted- $8.50/8oz, $14.50/lb
Butter, cultured, salted- $8.75/8oz, $15.00/lb
Chocolate Milk - $6.50/ ½ gal., $12.00/gal.
Cinnamon Milk - $4.00/qt., $6.50/ ½ gal.
Raspberry Yogurt Smoothie—$6.00/pt

(specify salted or no-salt)
Cheddar, Sharp Cheddar, -$7.25/lb,
$6.50/lb for 5-6 lb
Swiss, Colby, Monterey Jack, Pepper Jack, Herbal Jack,– $6.75/lb or $6.00/lb for 5-6 lb block
Colby Dill(salt only)- $6.75/lb or $6 for 5-6 lb block
Farmers (salt only) - $6.75/lb or$6.00 for5-6lb block
Havarti(salt only)-$8.50/lb.
Garlic Cheddar (salted only)-$7.25/lb or $6.50/lb for
5-6 lb block
Mushroom Leek (salted only) - ,– $6.75/lb or
$6.00/lb for 5-6 lb block
Mozzarella Cheese(salted only)(not raw) - $8.50/lb
Old World Flavored, Cheddar, Asaigo (salted only)
– $14.50/lb, $13.75/lb for 5 lb block
Raw Gouda Cow Cheese-(salted only)-$8.50/lb
(1 lb or 5 lb block)
Raw Cow Blue Cheese (soft) ( salted only) –
Smoked Cheddar (salted only) - $10.50/lb
Horseradish Cheese - $7.25/lb

Camel Milk – 1-10 pt - $15.00/pt,
11-30 pt - $12.50/pt, 31 or more – $11.00/pt
*Camel Kefir - $17.00/pt.
*Camel Yogurt - $17.00/pt.
Camel Milk Soap - $6.50/bar

Milk - , $6.00/qt, $10.00/hf gal
Milk in glass bottle - $12.00/hf gal
Cream - $14.00/8oz, $26.00/pt
Kefir - $9.50/qt
Yogurt - $9.50/qt
Greek Yogurt (plain) $8.00/pt
Whey - $6.00/qt
Cottage Cheese - $11.00/lb
Cheese (soft): Feta(spec salt or no-salt) - $7.50/hf lb, $13.50/lb
Goat Cheddar (salted) - $13.50/lb
Chevre Cheese (soft): garlic, plain –$6.75/8oz
Cheese (hard): cheddar(no salt or salted)– $13.50/lb
Butter (specify salted or unsalted) - $10.50/4oz
Goat 11 Strain Probiotic Drink - $7.50/pt
Goat Milk Soap - $3.50/bar
Liquid Goat Soap - $6.75/8 oz.

Milk - $7.00/pt, $12.00/qt (loaded w/Vita C)
Butter (salted & no salt) - $18.00 / 6oz.
Yogurt - $9.00/pt, $15.00/qt
Kefir - $9.00/pt, $15.00/qt
Cream - $18.00/8 oz.
Cottage Cheese - $18.00/ 16 oz.
Cheese (Cave aged): Ewes Dream &
Mild Shepherd’s Delight - $16.50/lb
Cheese (soft) – Feta (salted or unsalted) - $16.50/lb
Tallow - $8.00/pt.

Milk - $6.00/pt, $10.00/qt
Yogurt - $9.00/pt, $15.00/qt
Mozzarella - $12.50/ ½ lb. ball(not raw)
Buffeta - $12.50/ ½ lb block
Camenbuff - $12.00/6 oz. wheel
Ice Cream – (van.) - $19.50/qt.
Ground Water Buffalo - $10.00/lb
Broth - $8.50/pt, $12.75/qt.
Soft Buffalo Cheese - $6.75/8oz
(specify plain, garlic & chives,chipotle heat
Buffalo Pet Food - $6.75/lb
Buffalo Delight Cheese - $12.50/per half lb

Ice Cream:  Butter Pecan, Chocolate,
Strawberry, Vanilla, Raspberry, 
Peanut Butter, Ginger (specify flavor) –
$7.00/pt, $12.00/qt, 6+ qt - $11.00/qt

Whole Fryers (avg. 4-6 lb) - $ 4.95/lb
Breasts,boneless (1/pk,avg.1lb) - $13.00/lb
Breasts, bone-in (1/pk, avg 1 ½ lb) - $10.50/lb
Tenderloin ( no bone or skin) - $22.50/lb
Legs & Thighs (2/pk, avg 1 ½-2lb) - $ 5.75/lb
Wings - $ 5.75/lb
Necks & Backs (1/pk, avg 2 lb) - $ 5.75/lb
Hearts - $ 14.50/lb
Liver - $16.50/lb
Gizzard - $5.75/lb
Whole Bird for Stock (avg 3 lb) - $4.00/lb
Heads for Stock - $2.00/ea
Feet for Stock - $ 1.50/ea
Fertile Eggs - $7.00/doz
Pet Food: Ground - $5.75/lb (Out of Stock)
Chicken Fat Rendered - $3.75/pt.
Chicken Fat Raw - $3.50/lb
Liver Soup - $10.25/pt, $18.00/qt
Chicken Pie - $11.00/6 in., $16.00/9 in
Ground Chicken (soy free) - $11.50/lb
Chicken Broth - $5.50/pt, $8.75/qt

Duck (appx. 4-5lbs) - $7.50/lb
Half Duck - $8.00/lb,
*Broth - $8.75/pt.
*Eggs - $9.00/doz.

Wh Turkey - $4.75/lb
Wh. Smoked Turkey - $5.75/lb
Breast - $11.50/lb
Thighs - $11.50/lb
Legs - $7.00/lb
Wings - $6.75/lb
Ground Turkey - $12.50/lb
Turkey Sausage – $12.00/lb
Turkey Heart - $9.50/lb
Turkey Scrapple - $6.50/lb
Turkey Pet Food - $5.75/lb
Turkey Broth - $5.50/pt, $8.75/qt.
Turkey Breast-smoked,sliced, $14.50/lb

Whole Goose - $11.00/lb (avg. wt. 7 lb.)
Goose Breast - $17.00/lb
Goose Leg & Thigh - $12.00/lb
Goose Gizzard – 15.50/lb
Goose Neck & Back - $5.50/lb
Goose Liver - $28.50/lb
Goose Heart - $28.50/lb
Goose Broth - $5.50/pt., $8.75/

Alaska Wild Salmon-$16.50/1lb, $14.50/2lb
Icelandic Haddock - $9.50/lb
Fish Broth - $7.50/pt, $12.75/qt

Ground Beef $7.00/lb, 2lb fam.Pk - $6.00/lb
Ground Beef w/ organs - $11.00/lb
Ground Beef Patties—$8.00/lb
Beef Cubes - $7.50/lb
Beef Sausage - $7.00/lb
Round Steak - $8.00/lb
Shoulder Steak w/ small marrow bone- $7/lb
London Broil - $10.50/lb
Delmonico - $13.00/lb
Beef Chip Steak - $9.50/lb
Skirt Steak - $18.50/lb
Sirloin Steak - $9.50/lb
Sirloin Tip - $9.50/lb
New York Steak - $16.50/lb
Rib Eye Steak - $16.50/lb
T-bone Steak - $18.50/lb
Beef Tenderloin - $28.50/lb
Beef Ribs - $4.50/lb
Brisket - $11.50/lb
Flank Steak - $18.50/lb
Chuck Roast - $6.50/lb
Round Roast - $7.50/lb
Eye Round Roast - $7.50/lb
Rump Roast - $9.50/lb
Ox tail, avg wt 1-3lbs @ $13.50/lb (Out of Stock)
Ox tongue - $8.50/lb
Soup bones – $8.75/lb
Marrow bones - $15.50/lb
Knuckle bones - $3.00/lb
Regular bones - $2.50/lb
Beef heart - $8.50/lb
Beef kidney - $6.50/lb
Beef liver - $9.50/lb
Beef brains - $12.50/lb
Glands, adrenal, thymus,thyroid - $18.50/lb
Pet Food: ground beef & organs – $4.75/lb
Beef Broth - $5.50/pt, $8.75/qt
All Beef Bologna - $7.50/lb
All Beef Hotdogs - $8.50/lb
Tallow - $3.25/pt, $5.75/qt
Beef Fat - $2.50/lb
Beef Jerky - $6.75/4 oz

Will sub. w/ beef if not in stock, all veal is frozen
Ground veal - $9.50/lb
Veal cubes - $10.50/lb
Veal Broth - $5.50/pt, $8.75/qt
Veal Round Steak - $9.50/lb
Veal Flank - $16.50/lb
Veal Liver - $29.50/lb
Veal Chuck Roast - $7.50/lb
Veal New York Steak - $18.50/lb
Veal Heart - $12.00/lb

Tenderloin Steak - $21.50/lb
Loin Roast, avg wt 2-3lb - $8.50/lb
Pork Chops - $8.25/lb
Spare Ribs - $7.50/lb
Steak - $7.00/lb
Roast, avg wt 2-4lbs @ $7.00/lb
Ground Pork - $6.00/lb
Ground Pork w/ organs - $6.25/lb
Sausage (rope) - $6.50/lb
Pork Sausage (loose) - $6.50/lb
Breakfast Sausage (links) - $7.50/lb
Scrapple - $5.00/lb
Ham Hock, raw & unsalted - $7.00/lb
Ham Hock, cured & salted - $8.00/lb
Raw Ham sliced - $5.00/lb
Cured and Salted Sliced Ham - $6.50/lb
Wh Ham cured-salt, avg wt 7-10 lbs @$6/lb
Cured/ Salted Ham Steak (3/4” th) – $6/lb
Pork Shoulder, bone in (8-12 lb.) - $6.50/lb
Bacon (raw & unsalted) - $12.50/lb
Bacon (cured & salted) - $14.50/lb
Country Bacon (cured-salted) - $11.50/lb
Country Bacon (raw & unsalted) – $10.50/lb
Canadian Bacon(cured & salted)- $11.50/lb
Canadian Bacon(raw & unsalt) - $10.50/lb
Spare Ribs (cured, salted) - $9.50/lb
Ground Ham & Bacon (cured, salt) - $6.50/lb
Hot Dogs (pork & beef, no nitrates)-$7.50/lb
Lard - $4.00/pt, $6.50/qt
Pork Organs - $5.50/lb
Pet Food (ground pork w/organs) - $4.25/lb
Pork Broth - $3.00/pt, $5.50/qt
Pork Liverwurst - $5.50/lb

Ground Lamb - $12.00/lb
Lamb cubes - $14.00/lb
Lamb chops - $19.50/lb
Lamb Broth - $5.50/pt, $8.75/qt
Lamb Roast - $16.50/lb
Ground Lamb w/ organs - $14.50/lb
Lamb Brains—$26.50/lb
Ground Mutton - $8.50/lb
Mutton Sausage - $12.50/lb

Whole Rabbit (avg. wt. 3 lb.) - $10.50/lb
*Rabbit Liver - $20.00/lb.

Almonds - $15.00
Brazil Nuts - $14.00
Pecans - $16.00
Sunflower Seeds - $7.00
English Walnuts - $16.00
Pumpkin Seeds - $7.00
Black Walnuts - $15.00
Cashews - $12.00
Seasoned Mix - $16.00
Trail Mix - $16.00
Sweet & Spicy Nut Mix - $16.00

Pickled Beets - $4.00/pt, $7.00/qt
Garlic Dill Pickles - $3.75/pt, $6.50/qt
Zucchini Relish-$3.75/pt
Okra - $5.00/pt., $9.50/qt
Green Peas(freshly frozen) - $10.50/lb.
fresh Carrots - $3.00/lb
Asparagus Puree - $7.50/pt
Sweet Potatoes - $2.00/lb

Fermented Kimchee - $6.00/pt, $10.50/qt
Fermented Kimchee Juice - $6.00/qt
Fermented Amos Ketchup - $5.00/8oz, $8.00/pt
Fermented Daikon Radish - $4.50/pt., $8.50/qt.
Fmtd. Daikon Radish Juice - $3.50/pt
Fermented Dill Pickles - $3.75/pt, $6.50/qt
Fermented Pickle Relish - $4.50/pt, $7.50/qt
Fmtd. Bread & Butter Pickles - $4.00/pt, $7.50/qt
Fermented Beets—$4.00/pt., $7.00/qt.
Fermented Cabbage Juice - $7.50/qt
Fermented Sauerkraut - $4.50/pt, $8.00/qt
Fermented Tomato Salsa - $4.75/pt
Fermented Hot Salsa - $4.75/pt
Fermented Vege Chow Chow - $5.50/pt., $9.50/qt
Fermented Carrots-Onions - $4.75/pt
Fermented Vege Mix - $5.50/pt
Fermented Onions - $4.75/pt
Beet Kvass - $6.00/qt
Horseradish - $4.75/8oz

Soaked Breads: Spelt, Wheat, Cinn-Raisin Wheat
(spec)- $6.00/loaf
Sourdough Breads:Rye,Wheat, 7-grain (spec) $6/lf
Sprouted Spelt Bread - $8.00/loaf
Sourdough Heritage Wheat Bread - $7.00/loaf
Sliced Bread, any type – add $2.00/loaf
Angel Food Cake (half) - $6.50
Shoofly Pie (8”) - $8.00
Apple Pie (8”) - $9.00
Pumpkin or Zucchini Bread – $6.00/loaf
Muffins Gluten-free:Lemon-Poppy, Vanilla-Pecan,
Coconut, Blueberry(specify flavor)$7.50/hf doz
Coco. Choc.ChipCookies(gluten free)–
$5.00/hf.doz., $9.50/doz.

Celtic Sea Salt- coarse$6.75/lb, fine $10.25/lb
Herb Salt: $4.50/4oz bottle
Honey(Orange Bloss.,Wild Flower) - $23.50/5lbs, $8.00/17oz
Really Raw Honey - $12.00/16 oz., $39.50/5lb.
Maple Syrup (Grade A) - $14.50/qt.
Maple Syrup (Grade B) – $16.50/qt
Ghee - $16.50/pt
Noodles, Spelt - $7.50/lb
Noodles, Sprouted Spelt - $9.50/lb
Best Salad Vinegar – $4.50/pt
Olive Oil - $22.00/16oz
Homemade Supertonic - $19.50/4 oz.
Vanilla Extract - $19.50/4 oz.
Coconut Oil –$19.50/qt., $56.00/gal (raw, cold-
Fmtd. Coconut Oil - $16.50/pt., $29.00/qt.

Applesauce - $5.00/pt
Apple Butter – $4.00/ 8 oz., $7.00/pt
Apple Cider Vinegar - $6.75/qt.
Egg Custard - $7.50/pt
Homemade Mayonnaise – $4.50/pt
Honey Mustard – $3.50/8oz
Kombucha Mushroom - $4.50
Homemade Granola - $9.00/16 oz.
Granola Bars - $3.00/bar
Chemical Free Sm. Popcorn Kernels - $6.50/lb
Potato Chips non-organic Zerbe – $8/2lb
Pot. Ch. organic Amos brand –$6.50/hf lb, $11.00/lb
Sweet Potato Chips - $7.75/ ½ lb
RawAlmondButter-$14.50/8oz, $22.50/16oz
Cashew Butter - $14.50/8oz., $23.50/pt
Garlic Spread - $4.75/5oz

Fermented Lemonade - $6.00/qt
Ginger Ale – $6.00/qt
Fermented Grape Juice - $9.50/qt
Kombucha Tea – $5.00/qt
Cranberry Kombucha - $6.00/qt
Fermented Sourdough Kvass – $5.50/2liters
Raw Pear Cider - $6.00/qt., $10.50/ ½ gal.
Raw Apple Cider - $6.00/qt, $8.00/ ½ gal

Butter Oil (plain, rasp., butter pecan) 8oz - $56.00
Butter Oil Capsules(120 caps) - $39.90
Royal Blend Fermented Cod Liver Oil & Butter Oil
(chocolate, plain, cinnamon)(8oz) - $43.50
Royal Blend Fermented Cod Liver Oil & Butter Oil
Capsules (120 caps) - $40.50
Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil (cinnamon,
orange, mint, plain)(8oz)-$37.50
Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil Capsules
(120 caps) – $32.00
Fermented Skate Liver Oil (orange)(8oz) - $36.50
Fermented Skate Liver Oil Capsules
(120 caps) – $28.50
Infused Org. Virgin Coconut Oil(plain, cinn., carob
ban., carmel) - $29.00/13.7oz., $49.00/27.5oz.
Coconut Ghee –$22.00/27oz, $56.00/gal

Shipping and Handling Charges:

$18 for the first box
$25 for two boxes
$28 for three boxes
$31 for four boxes
$36 for five boxes
*boxes are 18"x18" and fit 4 gallons milk plus a few small items.

Apple Butter – Apples, rapadura, maple syrup, cinnamon, nutmeg
Applesauce – Apples
Kombucha – Water, raw sugar, organic black tea, kombucha mushroom
Raspberry Smoothie – Greek yogurt, naturally raised raspberry juice, maple syrup, coconut oil, vanilla extract, cream Blackberry Smoothie – Greek yogurt, naturally raised blackberry juice, maple syrup, coconut oil, vanilla extract, cream Beet Kvass – Beets, water, whey, celtic sea salt
Pickled Beets – Red beets, beet juice, vinegar, stevia, sea salt
Fermented Beets – Red beets, whey, celtic sea salt, beet juice
Fermented Bread & Butter Pickles – Organic cucumbers, organic onions, lemon juice, whey, raw honey, celtic sea salt, celery seeds,
tumeric, mustard seeds
Fermented Dill Pickles – Organic cucumbers, dill, onion, celery seed, mustard seed, Celtic sea salt, whey
Fermented Pickle Relish – Pickles, Celtic Sea salt, whey, onions, dill seed
Fermented Daikon Radish – Daikon radish, whey, celtic sea salt
Zucchini Relish – Zucchini, onion, green & red peppers, vinegar, honey, celtic sea salt, celery seed, tumeric, black
Garlic Dill Pickles – Pickles, vinegar, Celtic sea salt, stevia, water, dill, garlic, tumeric
Pickled Okra – Okra, vinegar, salt, stevia, water, dill, garlic, tumeric
Fmtd. Kimchee – Chinese cabbage, onions, carrots, daikon radish, garlic, ginger, red pepper flakes, celtic sea salt, whey Fermented Sauerkraut – Cabbage, celtic sea salt
Fermented Vegetable Chow-Chow – Cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, onions, peppers, celtic sea salt, celery seeds, tumeric, whey Fermented Veggie Mix – Green tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, hot peppers, whey, vinegar, water, celtic sea salt
Organic Horseradish – Horseradish roots, vinegar, celtic sea salt
Ghee - No salt butter from grass-fed cows (no grain)
Fermented Ketchup (Amos Brand) – Tomatoes, vinegar, maple syrup, whey, cayenne peppers, celtic sea salt, garlic
Fermented Salsa – Tomatoes, peppers, onions, celtic sea salt, whey, garlic
Fermented HOT Salsa – Tomatoes, hot pepper, onions, celtic sea salt, whey, garlic, cayenne pepper
Honey Mustard – White vinegar, dry mustard, eggs, honey, rapadura
Mayonnaise – Water, onion powder, garlic powder, mustard powder, paprika, egg yokes, sesame oil, coconut oil, olive oil, stevia,vinegar, starch, celtic sea salt
Fermented Ginger-ale – Grated ginger, fresh lime juice, rapadura, whey, celtic sea salt, water
Fermented Lemonade – Water, fresh pressed lemon juice, rapadura, whey, nutmeg
Herb Salt – Celtic sea salt, brewers yeast flakes, celery, basil, parsley leaves, garlic, onion, chives, loveage
Nut Trail Mix – Crispy almonds, pecans, walnuts, raisins, cashew pieces
Nut Seasoned Mix – Crispy almonds, pecans, walnuts, cashew pieces, organic butter, raw honey, natural seasonings, MSG and soyfree Sweet & Spicy Nut Mix – Egg whites, rapadura, cinnamon, ginger powder, all spice, celtic sea salt
Homemade Granola w/ Raisins – Oats, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, coconut butter, butter, raisins, honey, celtic sea salt, cinnamon Granola Bars – Oats, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, coconut butter, butter, raisins, honey, maple syrup, rice syrup, peanut butter,
celtic sea salt, cinnamon Noodles – Spelt flour, eggs
Noodles Soaked – Sprouted spelt flour, eggs

Beef Bologna, sliced – 100% beef, fmtd. Salsa, rapadura, black pepper, red pepper, dry mustard, onion powder, garlic powder
Beef Hot Dog – 100% beef, celtic sea salt, dry smoke powder, California spice, phosphate, black pepper
Hot Dog – 75% beef, pork lard, celtic sea salt, dry smoke powder, California spice, phosphate, black pepper
Beef Jerky – Beef, black pepper, celtic sea salt, chili powder, onion powder
Italian Sausage Link – Celtic Sea Salt, rapadura, black & red pepper, thyme, sage, summer savory, fennel, garlic
Pork Scrapple – Pork broth, pork organs , sprouted spelt flour, corn meal, rolled oats, whey, lard, celtic sea salt, pepper
Pork Sausage – Ground pork, celtic sea salt, black pepper, sage
Pork Liverwurst – Pork organs, pork broth, black pepper, celtic sea salt
Turkey Scrapple - Corn meal, sprouted spelt flour, organic quick oats, whey, salt, black pepper
Turkey Sausage – Turkey sausage, salt, black pepper, sage
Chicken Pie – Soy free Chicken, chicken broth, lard, butter, unbleached unenriched organic wheat flour, potatoes, peas, onions, carrots,
celery, celtic sea salt, pepper, celery salt, seasoned salt, MSG free
Chicken Liver Soup – Soy free Chicken broth, soaked brown rice, celery, carrots, soy free chicken, soy free chicken liver, brewers yeast,
basil leaves, celtic sea salt

MUFFINS – Gluten-free
Coconut – Organic grass-fed raw butter, organic eggs, sucanet, celtic sea salt, coconut extract, coconut flour, baking powder, organic
Lemon-Poppy Seed – Organic eggs, organic grass-fed raw butter, raw milk, raw honey, coconut flour, lemon extract, organic poppy
seeds, baking powder, celtic sea salt
Vanilla-Pecan – Organic eggs, organic grass-fed raw butter, raw milk, raw honey, coconut flour, vanilla extract, baking powder,
pecans, celtic sea salt
Blueberry – Organic eggs, organic grass-fed raw butter, raw milk, raw honey, coconut flour ,almond extract, baking powder, sea salt,

Cinnamon Raisin Bread – Organic fresh ground whole wheat flour, organic unenriched unbleached wheat, raw honey, lard, organic
raisins, celtic sea salt, raw vinegar, yeast, cinnamon
Zucchini Bread – Heritage wheat flour, honey, rapadura, olive oil, eggs, water, zucchini, baking soda, baking powder,
cinnamon, cloves, celtic sea salt
Pumpkin Bread– Heritage wheat flour, raw honey, rapadura, olive oil, eggs, water, pumpkin, baking soda, baking
powder, cinnamon, cloves, celtic sea salt
Spelt Bread– Organic fresh ground spelt flour, unbleached unenriched organic wheat flour, ground flax seed, raw honey, pure lard, raw
vinegar, celtic sea salt, yeast, water,
Sprouted Spelt Bread– Sprouted grain spelt flour, water, raw honey, olive oil, eggs, celtic sea salt, vinegar, yeast
7-Grain Bread– Rye, hard white wheat, hard red wheat, pearl barley, brown rice, spelt, millet, unbleached unenriched wheat flour, raw
honey, celtic sea salt
Sourdough Heritage Wheat Bread – Red Fife Heritage wheat flour, olive oil, honey, water, eggs, celtic sea salt
Sourdough Wheat Bread – Organic fresh ground wheat flour, unenriched unbleached wheat flour, water, honey, celtic sea salt Soaked Wheat Bread – Ground wheat flour, unenriched wheat flour, water, honey, lard, yeast, celtic sea salt, vinegar 
Sourdough Rye Bread – Fresh ground rye flour, unbleached unenriched organic wheat flour, water, honey, celtic sea salt 
Angel Food Cake – Egg whites, unenriched unbleached white flour, raw honey, cream of tartar, vanilla extract, celtic sea salt 
Shoofly Pie – Crust: Sprouted grain spelt flour, lard, celtic sea salt, water, baking powder. Filling: Baking molasses, rice syrup, rapadura, water, baking soda, eggs, sprouted spelt flour, lard 
Apple Pie – Crust: Wheat flour, lard, baking powder, salt, rapadura, water, vinegar. Filling: Organic apples, water, maple syrup, stevia, tapioca starch, lemon, cinnamon
Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies (Gluten-free) - Butter, eggs, coconut, coconut flour, gluten-free chocolate chips, raw honey,
rapadura, vanilla, celtic sea salt

Willow Run Dairy Chocolate – 100% plantation chocolate, cream, milk, celtic sea salt, egg yolks, raw honey
Willow Run Dairy Vanilla – Rum, vanilla beans, arrowroot, butter, cream, milk, celtic sea salt, egg yolks, raw honey
Willow Run Dairy Chocolate Peanut Butter – Organic peanut butter, butter, cocoa powder, cream, milk, sea salt, egg yolks, raw honey 
Willow Run Dairy Ginger – Fresh ginger root, ginger pieces, cream, milk, celtic sea salt, egg yolks, raw honey
Chocolate – Cream, milk, whole eggs, maple syrup, stevia, Real salt, 100% dark chocolate
Vanilla -Cream, milk, whole eggs, maple syrup, stevia, Real salt, arrowroot powder, organic vanilla extract (water, alcohol, vanilla beans) 
Strawberry – Cream, milk, whole eggs, maple syrup, stevia, Real salt, strawberries, organic evaporated cane juice sugar
Butter Pecan – Cream, milk, whole eggs, maple syrup, stevia, Real salt, crispy pecans, arrowroot powder
Raspberry – Cream, milk, whole eggs, maple syrup, stevia, Real salt, raspberry juice, arrowroot powder
Mint - Cream, milk, whole eggs, maple syrup, stevia, Real salt, arrowroot powder, organic mint extract (water, alcohol, mint)
Garlic Spread – Chopped garlic scapes, crushed walnuts, mozzarella cheese, olive oil, celtic sea salt Raw Cheese Spread – cream, butter, sour cream, milk, baking soda, celtic sea salt
Eggnog – Milk, cream, eggs, raw honey, nutmeg, cinnamon
Egg Custard – Soy-free eggs, milk, maple syrup,sea salt, vanilla extract, cinnamon
Sour Cream – Raw cream with a powdered culture added
Crème Fraiche – Is a European name for sour cream and uses cultured buttermilk
Cream Cheese – Cream, rennet, water
Chocolate Milk – raw milk, cocoa powder, maple syrup
Cinnamon Milk – Raw milk, honey, cinnamon, vanilla extract
Goat Milk Soap (unscented)– Olive oil, coconut oil, safflower oil, palm oil, beeswax, wheat germ, grape seed, honey, borax, glycerin,
grapefruit seed extract
Liquid Goat Soap – Distilled water, goat milk, saponified oils from olive, coconut, castor, palm, safflower, grapeseed, borax, organic
sugar, glycerin, honey, essential oils, potassium carbonate
Homemade Supertonic – onions, garlic, horseradish root, ginger, cayenne, ginger root, vinegar
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$1.00 off per pound or container:
Fmtd. Daikon Radish – pt
Smoked Buffalo Mozzarella
Spelt Noodles
Sprouted Spelt Noodles
Delmonico – Frozen
Eye Round – Frozen
Rump Roast – Frozen
Skirt Steak – Frozen
All Ground Beef – Frozen – must buy 4 or more packs
Beef Pet Food – Frozen – must buy 4 or more packs
Bread & Butter Pickles – quart
Pork Liver - frozen

$2.00 off per pound or container
Salted Goat Feta
Buffalo Pet Food - frozen
Ground Veal
Ground Buffalo – frozen
Mild Salted Cheddar
50% off per pound or container
Salted Sharp Cheddar

Sheep Cottage Cheese - $18.00/pt
Sheep Cream - $18.00/8 oz
Lucious Lamb Sheep Cheese - $15.00/ ½ lb
Whole Rabbit - $10.50/lb
Homemade Peanut Butter - $6.50/8oz, $9.00/pt
Duck Eggs - $9.00/dozen
Pork Roll Bologna - $6.50/lb
Chickweed Salve - $5.00/approx.. 1 oz.
Duck Broth - $8.50/pt
Goose Broth - $8.50/pt
Goat Roast - $18.50/lb
Goat Cubes - $16.00/lb
Goat Chops - $24.50/lb
Ground Goat - $12.00/lb
Frozen Crushed Strawberries - $6.00/pt
Blackberry Ice Cream - $12.00/qt.
Frozen Sheep Milk - $18.00/gal.